A Business, Estate Planning & Succession Planning Firm

Our firm is made up of more than just attorneys; it is comprised of a team of business people with the legal skills and knowledge to understand individual and family concerns to develop a comprehensive estate plan and take your company or idea to the next level.

At Citron & Deutsch we handle a wide variety of matters for companies and executives across several industries. Our ability to understand each client's situation gives us the opportunity to provide dynamic counsel and services in various circumstances, tailored to specific business needs.

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A crucial part of every business are the employees.  We help our clients decide when it is the time to seek out employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, or create employee handbooks, as well as prepare the necessary documents.

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Estate planning is a very personal endeavor. Without an estate plan, someone else makes the decisions for you after you are gone. At Citron & Deutsch, we have a comprehensive understanding of estate planning law and can assist you in developing a plan that best accommodates your family’s future needs. Our services include drafting wills and trusts, buy/sell agreements, as well as advantageous tax planning, asset protection planning, and the formation of Family Limited Liability Partnerships.

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At Citron & Deutsch, our attorneys handle a range of matters within health care law.  We are certified in health care compliance and privacy, and have experience advising clients on complying with federal and state laws, mitigating fraud, waste and abuse issues, developing business strategies and policies for clinicians, as well as drafting and negotiating a multitude of health care commercial contracts.

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When companies issue stock, the founders must consider not only state laws but also federal laws.  We represent selling and controlling shareholders and provide advice on all phases of capital markets transactions including corporate structuring, governance, timing and tax planning, pitch and new product guidance, and research on offering procedures such as publicity.

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Citron & Deutsch Intellectual Property practice counsels clients on establishing, protecting, transferring and enforcing trademarks, trade names, trade dress, copyrights, service marks, trade secrets, and other areas of intellectual property rights in both the United States and internationally.

A substantial part of our practice is related to trademark prosecution and infringement issues.   We advise both domestic and international clients on the protection of trade secrets, proprietary information, copyrights, trade names, trademarks, licensing,and non-disclosure and non-compete agreements.  We represent a variety of companies and individuals, including chemical, technology, biotechnology, software, medical, manufacturing, service and other industries.

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